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Inspired by Women was founded by Marie Vlahos in 2018, to empower women with knowledge, support and confidence to help them improve their situation and be financially independent. 

Through her work in finance, Marie had come across many women who were ready to build a stronger foundation but needed guidance and support from trusted professionals from various industries. To facilitate this Marie decided to share her network of successful professional women, who were just as passionate as she was about sharing their knowledge and empowering women to reach their full potential.

Marie feels strongly about helping women with inadequate super or savings due to taking time out of the workforce to care for their families.   She has created programs and works with experts to offer guidance and advice to these women, and the next generation of women, so they don’t become one of the statistics of homeless women in retirement.   

Marie holds VIP cocktail events with successful female speakers sharing their stories, experiences and knowledge to bring women together so they can enjoy friendships and mix with likeminded women in a safe environment.

Helping Women and Children 

Raising funds to donate to worthwhile charities to help women and children has been a strong focus for Marie, and a recent event raised funds for Dress for Success, an organisation that helps women thrive in work and life.

Inspired by Women has recently  joined forces with Women’s Community Shelters who provide short term emergency accommodation and support in a safe environment for homeless women and children.  A percentage of the Gold and Platinum memberships is donated to this charity to give continued assistance and support.   



Marie Vlahos

About Marie

Marie wants to give all women the opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits offered through the Inspired By Women network to help them achieve their goals and be financially independent. 

“I want to offer a safe place where women can belong to a tribe of like-minded women, where they can get information, advice and support in all areas from experts they can trust.  We can achieve so much when we help and support each other.”

The Inspired Panel of Trusted Business & Lifestyle Partners are amazing people who are experts in their field and share Marie’s passion to want to help women by offering special promotions to members for their services.  Our Partners will also participate in workshops, seminars and events to share their knowledge and expertise, and we are very lucky to have them on board.

Marie’s goal is to help women reduce debt, take control of their finances, achieve a savings plan, and set goals through the great support network offered by Inspired by Women. Her aim is to change the statistics to ensure women are free from poverty and can retire safely and stress-free. 

Marie invites all women to join the Inspired by Women network and take part in the events, fundraising promotions, workshops and the many opportunities on offer.


Marie Vlahos

Advisory Board

Marie Vlahos


Leanne Hall


Leanne Hall

About Leanne

Leanne has over 20 years of experience as a clinical psychologist working across a number of government, non-government and private services and programs.

She is a published author, having published her first book in 2017 Head First Health Fast, the smart approach to outwitting body issues and achieving sustainable health, and has over a decade of experience working in the media as a TV presenter and therapist.

Leanne is often consulted by the media as an expert on relationships, parenting, mental health and mind/body health and has featured on a number of podcasts with Osher Gunsberg, Jessica Rowe & Maz Compton and Kerwin Rae. She also has a passion for research and is completing her PhD at Sydney University.

Leanne currently works as the Clinical Lead for a Youth Charity, where she is involved in government lobbying and advocacy for the mental health needs of at risk and vulnerable young people. She loves rattling the system and working towards dismantling the structures that prevent so many from achieving their potential.

My WHY for supporting IBW
Throughout my career I have been an advocate for helping people identify the barriers that prevent them from achieving fulfillment. Most of these barriers are systemic, which is in contrast to the typical psychological approach where barriers are almost always thought of as internal and intrapsychic. I believe IBW provides a pathway through many of these systemic barriers for women. We are still living in a patriarchal society, and IBW seeks to empower women through education, coaching, mentoring, support and good old fashion girl power! Bringing out the feminist in all of us. This is why I choose to support to IBW.

About Michelle

Founder Door20a | Business Strategist + Connector | Speaker Michelle Bowditch is the founder of Door20a, a tech consulting agency supporting Women in Business and Executive Assistants to accelerate their careers to the next level. Through strategic coaching, she helps professionals amplify their workplace presence, master influence, and road map their ambitions into existence.

Michelle Bowditch


Michelle Bowditch

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