Finance & Property

– Would you like to get into the property market, but you’re not sure how?
– Do you find it daunting trying to work out who to see first?
– Will the banks give you money, and if so, how much?
– Should you buy an investment property, or a house to live in?
– Can I use my super to buy property?  
If you need help with any of these…
At HER Home Loan we have an all-woman team of experts waiting to help you!

We have created a Property and Finance Guided Program For Women, By Women to help you every step of the way.  No more worrying about what to what to do next or how to find the right people to help you.  We are right here!  

Our finance, legal and property experts have combined forces and teamed up to help you make informed decisions to get the best results!

We understand you – we speak the same language and we won’t let you down.

Our team are experts in money management, finance, property, legal, accounting and asset protection – we’ve got you covered!

WE HAVE created an 8-step guided program
for women, by women. 

We work closely with you to achieve your goal to buy a property
and create wealth for your future. 
Let us look after you, we’ve been doing this professionally forever.
We’ve got you! 


Discovery Session

It’s all about you, where you started, where you would like to go, and how we can get you there. We listen to you and create a sound strategy to help you achieve your goals.   

We review your financial situation and work out your borrowing capacity and the best loan structure to give you the most beneficial results.  This is where we discuss options such as using equity or a guarantee to secure your deposit and create a tailor-made strategy to suit your situation.


Finance Session


Pre-Approval with the Bank

We then provide you with a recommendation and credit proposal outlining the full funding and servicing structure. When you are happy to proceed, we submit your application to the most suitable bank and get an approval in place so you know exactly how much you can spend on a property.

Once we have a pre-approval in place we connect you with the appropriate property expert, whether it be to buy an investment property or a home to live in. We have all the experts on our team to help you find the perfect property within your budget.




Our Legal Team

Our team will go over your contracts and ensure everything is in order, and they may even insert a clause or two to ensure you are well protected throughout the process. Our aim is to protect you and your money, and give you a stress-free experience. Settlement will be reached smoothly with our guidance and your property will be handed over to you.

Our financial advisors will review your situation to ensure you have the correct insurances and your structures are correctly set up to protect your assets in the future. Should you need any advice from an Accountant for Tax or SMSF queries, they are happy to assist you.


Holistic Overview


Property Management

Should you wish to rent out your investment property, we have the perfect partners on our team who will give you discounted rates, extra care and great service. We look after every step of the process for you with our expert team that you can rely on.

Because we care about you, we will go over your situation on an annual basis to check your loans are still the most suitable for your situation.  We will also check the value of your property as you may be in a position to grow your portfolio or look at other investments.  We are your forever team, and will always be here to support you every step of the way.


Annual Review

Our aim is to provide you with amazing service, guidance and results to give you confidence to feel in control of your financial future.

Contact us: info@herhomeloan.com.au

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