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Inspired by Women membership is accessible to women of all ages, from all backgrounds and at various stages of their journey. As a member you will have access to Our Panel of Trusted Business and Lifestyle Partners who offer special rates and promotions through their business to help you on your journey. 

Through our Inspired membership you  gain access to:

  • Our Panel of Trusted Business & Lifestyle Partners with discounted rates
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  • Financial Strategies and Programs to Improve Your Finances
  • Podcasts “2 minutes with IBW”
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  • Workshops & Networking Groups
  • Money management & App to help you budget & save
  •  Access to Mini Programs including health, finance, property and lifestyle 
  • Invitations to weekend retreats
  • Business & Lifestyle Reviews
  • Grow your business through a strong ethical network by helping others
  • Belong to a community that empowers women with knowledge & education
We support Charities that help women and children in need. 

Our Mission

Empower women with knowledge, guidance and support to improve their lives, so they can take control of their finances, business, careers and health through our membership and events. 

Collectively with Our Panel of Business and Lifestyle Partners support women with discounted rates and promotions to give women the inspiration, knowledge, tools, education and support to gain confidence to achieve their goals in a safe and trusted community.

Build a community of people passionate about helping others, where they can give back through charities, mentorship programs, information seminars, and be part of VIP Fun, Inspirational and Educational Events.

Our Goals

  • Help guide young women to be financially savvy & independent
  • Align ourselves with charity organisations that help women & children
  • Offer guidance on savings and budgeting to all women
  • Media Coverage and Promotions
  • Be an Inspiration to Women

Our Charitable Partners

We hold fundraising events and donate funds to our Charitable Partners to help women and children in need.

We align ourselves with well-chosen charity organisations that we can assist through our work and membership programs.

Our Charitable Partners will also support and promote “Inspired By Women” on their websites and through ongoing partnership campaigns.

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