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Inspired By Women collectively with Our Panel of Business and Lifestyle Partners, are ready to help you in every field to guide, educate and support you in taking the first steps towards living the life of your dreams!

Our goal is to help women of all ages, from different backgrounds at various stages of their journey to move towards freedom, supported within a trusted growing community.  We have all the tools you need available to support you at each stage of your journey.

Would you like a stress-free retirement with extra funds available for long lunches and enjoying life?   We have created a Program FOR WOMEN to help them create wealth through property investment with a no-cash outlay option, and full guidance and advice from our team of all-female experts.   It could be just what you need!

Need to reduce your debt?


Are you having trouble keeping up with the different payments each month?

Are you paying way too much on credit card interest, that you could put on to your home loan?

We are experts in finance and can help put you in the best financial position by consolidating your debts to one low repayment per month.

We want to give you the confidence to achieve your goals with the appropriate advice, guidance and support as part of our free Silver membership.

Let us help you:

  • Reduce debt and kick start a savings plan for your future
  • Home loans –  our experts will guide you through the process
  • Property Investing – we have strategies to suit every situation and budget
  • Looking for a home? Our property experts can find you the perfect property
  • SMSF – looking to buy property using your superannuation? We can help you
  • HER Property Program – we have created a program for women with an 8 step process to ensure you are successful in starting a property portfolio or getting into a home
  • Your credit file – we know what banks look for and can help you get approved
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