Inspired by Women

"Empowering women with knowledge, opportunity and support to achieve their goals."
Our Purpose
To provide women with the knowledge, guidance and support of a trusted community to help them be financially independent and to secure their future.

Inspired by Women is built of successful, supportive members who are passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

Our philosophy is to offer our community the tools they need to improve their current position, empower them with knowledge, guidance and support to reach their full potential, create wealth and plan for a future with freedom.

Inspired by Women membership is free and accessible to women of all ages, from all backgrounds and at various stages of their journey.  As a free silver member you will have access to Our Panel of Trusted Partners who offer special rates and promotions through their business to help you on your journey.  You will also gain access to free workshops and seminars, information nights and networking events, so  join us and benefit from the many opportunities available.

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Our levels of membership include value to support you at each stage of your journey.


Our inclusive events are fun, inspirational and educational. Become a member and receive invitations to all events with inspirational speakers and like-minded women.

“Discarded: the Australian women over 50 left to languish in poverty”
The Gaurdian 10 October 2020 
“A husband is not a retirement plan”
Economic Security for Women Retirement Inquiry 2016
“The future face of poverty is female”
Monash University Report 2018
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